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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Exciting Party!

I originally posted this blog on April 27, 2008.  I'm sharing now and on to share the funnies with my friends.  Jenn, I hope you enjoy!!  :)

My exciting party

As most of you know I do In-Home parties.  You never know what sort of party you're going to have.  A room full of drunk women who don't care what you're doing, women who are saving their money for the stripper that will be there later, etc etc.  I've had a few parties that have made me cry on the way home, I've had some fantastic parties that made me want to shout from my rooftop what I do, but last night was a first for me.

I did a party about an hour from my house.  All the way to the party I'm thinking about all the fabulous stuff I learned at Convention.  I'm quite proud of the Hostess Coaching with my hostess and am well prepared to have an awesome party!!

I walk in, everyone is there and ready to go.  I start to set up, pass out folders and we're laughing and having fun.  These are beer drinking women!  Down to earth, fun loving women.  We're laughing a ton.

We did the bath and body stuff and we're getting ready to move on.  Before I started with my toys, I passed around my books and told them to take a smoke break and we'd return in 5 minutes.  While most are outside smoking I was inside chatting up the 3 women that were eating and looking at my books.

I start to notice the decor of the house and while I hadn't been able to put my finger on it, I realize that it looks like I walked into HALLOWEEN!  Fake spiders all over the coffee table and throws over the curtains and furniture that are handmade afghans but they look like cobwebs.  I asked one of the women sitting there why it looked like Halloween.  She laughed and said "Oh, she didn't tell you?"

Suddenly I was nervous.  Had I not done enough Hostess Coaching?  Was there something that I missed?  OMG What did I forget?  My mind was racing!  Then the guest said "They love spiders.  Well, he loves spiders and she just tolerates it."  *whew*  Panic diverted.  No biggie!  They decorate with plastic spiders.  Then the guest went on........
They have 6 tarantulas!

I froze.

Did I mention I don't like critters?  If it's an animal and you can't pet it, then I'm not interested.

Ok, where are they?  Am I close to them?  Dear God, I hope these people are sane enough to CAGE the tarantulas!  I mustered up my courage to ask WHERE they kept them.  My voice sounded like I held a toy on my throat when I spoke.

Now, keep in mind, the room is filling back up.  I'm now suddenly the center of attention as each woman watches for my reaction.  I'm the last one to know.  They've all been in my shoes.  Oh yes, we're having big fun now.

I ask where they're kept.  She says "Oh, they have their own room, one of the bedrooms."


I'm a little worse for wear, but let's move on.

***Fast Forward to the Ordering Room***

My Hostess says "You have to use this room here. But, since the spiders are in there a couple of the women won't come in to place their orders.  You don't mind though right?  You're cool no?"

How could I say No?  Where was I going to do the orders, the front yard??  I went in with her and said, well, this is a first for me.  Walked right past them and yes, they were all caged! *big sigh* Ok, I told myself 'be quick like a bunny, get in and get out; be quick like a bunny, get in and get out'!!!

My bag fell on my leg and I thought I wet my pants.  Nope, false alarm but I'd better use the restroom, just in case.  The guests come in and they're standing between me and the spiders.  Then one of the guests was standing there talking to another guest and they're discussing the spiders and the room and she suddenly screams "OH MY GOD".

I almost jumped out the window!

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