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Friday, October 7, 2011

Tastefully Simple vs Passion Parties

Almost a year ago (November 2010) I decided to start doing In-Home parties for Tastefully Simple.  I was still active with Passion Parties and I was going to see which one was better for me and go forward from there.  I gave myself a year to make that decision.  Amazingly enough it didn't take me 6 months to see what's right for me.

I watch people post on Facebook and tell people how amazing their job is and while I know a lot of people are truly happy that a lot of people aren't as happy as they say they are but they want to build a team so they are never negative when they post.

When I first started with Tastefully Simple I thought "this will be great, I love food and my customer base has so many more options that with Passion Parties".  Plus, I figured anyone not interested in toys would probably be interested in food since everyone eats.  :-)

Tastefully Simple has proven to be so much more than that to me.  Yes, my customer base is broader but it goes beyond that.  I have Hosts and Customers on my Facebook and we interact with each other.  We can joke, laugh, be serious, whatever.  I realized that my Passion Parties Hosts and Customers don't really interact with me and I figure that's because I know intimate details about their life and they don't want to explain how they know me.  LOL

Tastefully Simple has also shown that it is essentially drama-free.  Yes, I know that whenever you put a big group of women together this is bound to be some drama and that is there but man oh man, there isn't the drama that there is with Passion Parties.  I wasn't ashamed of what I did, I was helping people with their relationships, opening up lines of communication, helping people keep the spice in so there was less boredom and cheating, etc.  What I was ashamed of was being associated with a lot of the other consultants.  The saying about laying with dogs gets you fleas is true.  Even if you don't get fleas, everyone who sees you thinks you have them.

I can't say enough how happy I am to be where I am at with Tastefully Simple.  I am by no means done and just letting it be but I am constantly building my team, my customer base; my business.  I am truly happy with what I do.  I worried that I wouldn't be able to let go of Passion Parties and now I think......"what took you so long?".

So, as you see my posts or receive emails from me sharing something from Tastefully Simple please know that I believe in this company 100% and am only trying to share this 'gem' with everyone!  It hasn't disappointed me and it hasn't disappointed any of my customers or team members.

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