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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Spring is by far my favorite season.  We're coming out of winter, everything is turning green again and you're starting to go outside more and enjoy the nicer weather.  Plus, my birthday is in the spring.  :-)

Easter was always a time of traditions with the family.  We would color eggs and on Sunday morning before church there would be an Easter basket full of goodies.  If I was at Grandma's, which I usually was, my basket had to be on the table because she had radiant heat and the chocolate would melt.  We learned that the hard way, haha.  One year, all of the chocolate in the basket was melted or too soft to touch.  We laughed so hard and of course I was disappointed but Grandma took us shopping and we got more chocolate.

Living in NY is hard when the Holidays come around.  It makes me homesick for my family and our traditions.  I have children now and I'm trying to start traditions for us but they're not there yet.  This is the first year Elliott colored eggs and he didn't really "get" it.  Plus, it was him and I and two of our friends kids.  I was the adult in the group.  

Is that what is making me sad?  I've grown up and those traditions are gone?  I don't know.  I know if we were with the family that we would all color eggs.  I wouldn't be the oldest adult, but I wouldn't be the youngest.  I would share my traditions with my children with my family.  That too me seems normal.  Seems like that's how it should be.

Amazing.  I am sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking about those things I'd love to do with my family this weekend and I'm truly sad.  It's just coloring eggs and eating candy, truthfully more candy than any one person needs.  :-)  But I am sad.

I have baskets and things for the baskets for my children.  They will have good memories.  Well, there will be pictures to show them that they had a good time.  But it's not the same.  Will the appreciate the childhood memories I make for them?  In the end is it all worth it?  Is this just "growing pains"?

The joys of growing up huh?  Does everyone feel this way?  Please tell me it's not just me that misses the childhood traditions.