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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Power of THREE

As you probably know I'm a numbers person.  I like numbers, patterns and anything of the sort.  I'm very logical and not so lateral.

I was looking at our tree a week or so ago and saw one of the ornaments we bought the first Christmas we were married.  It simply says 2006 made out of candy canes and there's a snowman on it.  I giggled a little and said "well, as badly as I wanted the Twins here in December I now know God has a different plan".  

I spent the next few days thinking about this.  Some of you might say I was obsessing but that sounds so "mental" that I will just say I thought about it.  It's my blog, so, I can call it whatever I want.  :-D

I realized that every three years something big has happened in our lives.

2000 - Mike and I met!

2003 - I moved to NY and as that happened Mike finally told his friends about us.  haha

2006 - We were married.  Yes, it was April Fool's Day but it is, in fact, legal.

2009 - Elliott was born and Mike and I became parents.  This was no easy undertaking and I never thought it would happen.

That brings me to the Twins.  They're due Feb 10, 2012.  That's following the three step rule.

So, I asked Mike what in the world we were going to do in 2015 and without missing a beat he said "Win the Lottery".
Honestly, I like that plan.  I hate that I have to wait at least 1096 days but hey, it's better than never winning.  Right?  lol

From Wikipedia......
The "rule of three" is a principle in writing that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things.

The Latin phrase, "omne trium perfectum" (everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete) also conveys the same idea as the "rule of three", interestingly using exactly three words.

Looks like God had a plan for us.  Which we all know I love since I am such a planner!!

So, here is to a fabulous 2012.  Which, by the way, has 366 days and that is evenly divisible by (you guessed it) THREE!!